Our mission.

At States Resources Corp., our daily mission is to maximize every client and customer experience. Our goal is to become the trusted first choice among financial institutions with solutions that improve loan portfolio quality and performance.

Our personal service philosophy.

While our 30+ years of experience in loan acquisitions and private investments have contributed to our success, our personal service philosophy is what drives us, and our partnerships, forward each day.

We commit to a shared vision.

In every collaboration, we develop a clear picture for the future; and communicate it often to bring it to reality. Together we set meaningful goals for the individual, team, and company, and we are devoted to meet or exceed them.

We plan to win.

We’ve worked hard to adopt and promote a winning culture. We develop effective, resourceful, and resilient teams. We create sound strategies and plans. We lead with courage, humility, and accountability, expanding and strengthening knowledge and resource networks to open horizons and find the best win-win solutions for clients, customers, and partners.

We go the extra mile.

Everyone on our team strives to provide exemplary service and support to others. We know that by treating others “better than they expect,” we can transform and improve our industry and strengthen partnerships.

We continuously improve and innovate.

We seek first to understand, then to be understood. By remaining open to new ideas and actively pursuing opportunities for personal and professional improvement, we are prepared for the future. We do not fear change; we innovate and challenge the status quo to drive performance.

We enjoy the journey.

When you chart the best possible course, you are better equipped to thrive in the unexpected, and remain an even-keeled, contributor to your own success and to the success of those around you. We are grateful for the contributions of others and remember to celebrate successes together.

Experience (is) the difference.