Portfolio Loan Acquisitions

 We work directly with financial institutions and their agents to purchase whole loans from existing portfolios, with a preference for multi-asset pools of performing and sub-performing loans and a mid to long-term investment horizon. 

Merger & Acquisition Related Loan Investments

We work with managers of financial institutions involved in mergers and acquisitions to help them analyze, value, and manage loan portfolios and provide sale, investment and servicing options, either before or after a transaction closes.

Charged Off Loans

Our recovery services help financial institutions collect charged off loan portfolios.  We bring a fresh perspective to maximize the value of these accounts and work diligently with borrowers to resolve past issues and recover balances owed.

Custom Loan Servicing

We are able to provide a wide range of loan servicing solutions for third-party portfolio owners on a negotiated-fee basis.  Click here for additional details.

Investor Loan Portfolios

We offer opportunities for private investments in future loan portfolios with like-minded and long-term accredited investors.  We prefer partners who are willing to be engaged and are knowledgable of the investments.